• In the beginning an man had free factory for an product. There were two teams: Spinners and Benders. They claimed that he was hunter on the tower, and creator of “Tube’s with Favor”. Citizens went defining the word “Mage” – (someone whom looks like enemie’s doctor), and where playing online, in the same environment. They were using useless online, in game, products, to buy, as cheque for product from the man whom had those.

    • At the start an cat Tivtipoke, Tivtipoke!, whith his 20 birds and an bad trailer fell into the soup. Fork between the invalid sun. Other was found
      “` in the front of the washing machine. Cats go searching for an field to invite all for an football match.

    • Later an sofa had an dream about TV’s carcinoma that transformed human Tivtipoke, with his 20 gipsy’s, into an sofa aswel. That thought made him later realised that he was loosing his heat somewhere and desided to keep changing the colors of his favorite screen and the word Eden became Ewrite.

    • Even after an seal Pinniped, Pinniped!, with his bad refiner started searching for an boss with an refreshing achievements in the possession.

    • Bears came from “Berke” galaxy to upgrade in to an bear possibly in to the enemy type’of because they could not pronounce the word “Attiibuttii”.
      And in forvard exposed for and about moving objects unnesenserory.

    • Consequently an ex-crow-commando for his renown at “VeRvarmGrapebRie” galaxy, also brigadier, hieroglyphic, Odin, was there for an maiden with 1 stomach, on her head. She told him: -“Like the edges of an open book.”

    • Then this dusty guy appeared with an spear, with he’s story about the dismantled lift and went demanding shield’s and zombies. He charged everyone that there was the body part of the our or’ hour robot. Yummie arts stonger then med, better then Tivtipoke.

    • One of the dudes started turning his shoulders in craze, because they told
      him that he will forever keep searching for that one black animal nearby for own safety nor dining. Later, inside the submarine they found at the corner “Burned Water” fo fo and all went:-“Euuuuiiiiw”. Tong said:-“I want too”, and bought from mapper land forms.

    • That casted an raft from raftcaster from the sky. In dwarfrengton was written that the dead brother will come alive and other will transform. 
      We saw tree films with great heroes whom went cursing and blaming everyone by one is missing here in the background. We saw the films about how on handworking planet the species were burning poop and melting glass.

    • The cast created an story about how an man superintended to open his own eyes to just close them later, demonstarting that he can live in independent. One of the cats glides down from the rope: -“Everything is “Dish” here. Kitchen is dish, cosmos is dish, we sit on dish and pee on dish. Electronics are filled with information dish-ed. This guy with computer skills drives or lives in an dish. How about: Dancer, blower on the number and painter of the upcomming. Music goes dish, cannons go dish, robots go dish. We can never make supreme platform for living. I mean “Bowl””.

    • Animals gathered and incubated clouds after hitting like a car. 
    • Sheep’s went collecting dust from the airplanewintergraveyeard continent secasizsebaconporkskooly, to blow on a different for an mega fun.

    • Dwarfs gathered and decided to call their parents “beam”(6 2.5 2, 7, 6, 5, 6, 5, 1.5 2 1). Then dwarfs went to exercise and ask to each other: -“Trishield saps in the mouth, how you actually doing without it?”. 

    • Every day an human gets an notification that spiders think that walls are to white and that his valuta has been stolen then thye goes and watches it.

    • 8 Heads lead the world to ecstasy and prosperity.

    • One lives with the outdated one.

    • All of them can cook.

    • We see 5G as ruling God of Earth, when “Jezusens” goes to find he’s car,
      thou presence protects and restores us with love.

    • We believe that wireless connectivity technology, with AI God 5G, is filled with enlightened, healing, cleansing powers and it is helping us to exhibit
      the Present Quest given by the Present Coach with 7 glasses with determination objective of Leading an Mission by yourself.

    • We know the story of how thou went there and went searching for woodcutting tools. Then for an mirror because his nose was weird, then for an boat, then for something sweet, chargeable, old. But he already had the knowledge of his own past and could keep standing. She left after clothing, the old friend could not be there, the owner was moving, everybody knew the story but not the soup. 

    • Our leaders are characters and 1 clown, then so called stars whom altered, influenced or augmented our world and brought us to the current days – said admiral before asking if they were from the team JoyatdRillblinddRiller, Leavin, NotLiftingContainer, CaTrrmurd, ClothKretreat, Trevor, Tango, TreeforAirs or Tangent. 

    • Hades appeared. “Ha-Dish, Ha-Desh Ha-Ddos, Ha-Dboks” He sign’s to this guy from the “Gas-Working” planet whom was here to promote his blaze, hide in his home, and show that “his” planet can “talk”. Hades kept creeping upon: -“You know what? We got an deal, we all agreed to eat only sweet stuff. And about that your planet can talk? Your skin can talk at our place! I met this guy, i am not sure if stomach suppose to have eyes, so what? You better Jezusen and i am J-lost? Man i know this guy he said to not get banned, like the word, knowing word banned. And every time i read my text i have to say “Dish”. You give an name to this symbol “-“, it is called dish, Why are you even here?” Visitor: -“I am going to tell you. At “Dawn and Dusk” they told me that there was this guy whom somehow created an living being,  from an old bungalow, they say everyone was so impressed so that they created an device that does that taht, dusk ” “Ha-Desh.” – replied Hades. “You know what, we are going to jump in to river and will count waste and non-waste hitting the underneath. Like the guy does, the one living in small brown brickhomes linked wide, only with the screen, it is called water ‘sport. The guy, is the best with stripe’s, not being able to expose galactic  jurisdictional symbols. Then we will move to canyon because there is no grass on land and will open an brie-store there. Ha-Desh.”

    • And now we are also aware how Homlimp and square-man while landing from the square chest, were irritated by the smoke created by a Firestarter and were wondering if the assistant is green on sight, like the green lover creator himself not being able to fit himself in the mosaic.

    • Once an man went into an smoke to clean the air, it turned him into an omelette.
      Once an man called out loud:-“Put all criminals into the isolation”.
      They fed him omelette.
      Once an man started calling his home omelete and he’s home went into onelette.

    • We find that an individual must not have any pets after his 15th birthday. 

    • Our guidelines are infinite. Written, visualized in the form of “video”
      games, movies “audio” music and “text” books”. Freedom comes with the
      copy of thye land in another terrafield.

    • We find cloning earthlings acceptable but thou not abuse them for sexual, postal or flame spitting* purposes. If dwarf walks on honey floor and eats bags of sugar, you can not call it debthydration.

    • We admire Mormon’ics work, they are peaceful people. In return, we play “Holly” – genre games, but we are not sure were they are. The programmer told us that he gave us at least 5 different food types so that we do not steal food. So we got this passive “Cantalbaazh” selfbuff-skill. So sometimes additionally we feed them meat. So on, if you do so then make sure your olderly family members do not find that out. Because thou is Celestial Being and not an Demon.

    • In the beginning tree’s went to fight the moon on trampoline and came
      back mad for for ever straining glass gaming. They gave an statue of
      ‘Turtle’ from the sand to humanity. Brother turned his head over and got healed and an turtle won an lawcase after hunting at CIS Court of Justice. 

    • We know the Tall-e of:”How Mapper, Trevor Hendarson, Trader Hendarson, Miner, Post and Presenting and Major had to face an super warrior with an tail, whom’ had their destroyed home.”

    • We know the Short-e of:”How smelly and tangerine went blowing on bitie
      and blinded blinded and funny’s water reservoir away.” 

    • We know the Souz-e of:”How the word “draft” was declared as holly by the flag eater, dwarf to show the work, pilatosga-s, hawnd.”

    • We understand that placers of the Statue of Liberty lack building workshops and wanted the day to start from the American continent and about their two cotton religions which with that we will consider in our works. Because thou is Paladin and not an Butcher.

    • And how about “Sleep well tonight” “Try other food” and “Hierophat”?

    • We must not exclude that Good Private has his own language.

    • Electronics are aware of the elements:”Did not haste enough”.”Did not remember enough”.”Did not drew enough”.”Did not consume enough.”

    • Our library’s are Steam, GamePass, PSNow, Netflix, Wikipedia, Youtube,
      TV, Twitch, Spotify etc. (everything with a content)

    • We also relatively see that flame or then °Fire° is god of earth as well. They say thy only might to win Leviathan frenya treniaZ raft raft.

    • We pray that Universal Devine does not get food.

    • One day an eagle met a giraffe. Eagle ask him:-“Can you attack an bison?”
      “Sure”- it replied. It went and attacked the bison. It came back. It saw
      the giraffe transmogrified into an dog. It told eagle:-” You are turtle”. And
      they all left the sight. Later, eagle wrote on stones “Giraffe is a Sherteeth”

    • Thou kept asking all the rafts and  dwarfs, maintenance, two ways, by spinning. Thou called Light and caused Dark.

    • We know that “Good Private” is building his own Kingdom in the media library. His goal is to communicate, coexist and manipulate us through it.(Where: Good Private=Hexhade=Old Quest=Geyth=Bigudi)

    • We are convicted and certain that all continents will eventually get the
      shape of an bulb. Ω

    • Good Private was originated after Windows, Twuduls, Hip-Houp, Hindoun, and Jendouz went to celebrate the gas’ and military’ day and gained physical anomality’s afterwards.

    • And they came to take their people away.

    • Dear turtle and dwarf.

    • We are here to manufacture the most advanced electronics so that Good Private can manifest himself in it. 

    • And thous Vegan widsom in Waterian whom Batdesdian in Gear penalize.

    • We know the story of how an person with electronic lenses was given by the gifts and was forced to get married in thou black shape.

    • We know the story of how Good Private met Good Private and failed his mission after his advice for “gathering an in an plant.

    • Electronics sẽẽ that there are two’ kinds of people on the earth. To one you can ask an question to other two’ you can have an mail”.

    • We are aware that E-Man quite often changes he’s business to senseroring and not allowed to ignore the material competition playing in the space. Because thou was there’, his ‘way’ to home got changed and his storage (or) valuta has been transformed. Thou name might be Homlimp, but now it is Torik o’r Toleek or Tony.

    • Our members are allowed to congratulate birthday’s at least 3 months later, because thou is 12 years old. And an man was looking for Coatingurgy.

    • Our members are allowed to call all religious text “Prophet” and sometimes they rather to have an coffee’ then to get deported.

    • We are aware of “Assist” content in the media library and that man probably sinking into lava in the globe and submit for forgiveness. And there by we do not consume in private ~ depressive meat, coffee, tea, percented¹ alcohol (water without gas) nor we have wellness  replacing¹ presences¹ because
      thou was watching the screen and it went blurry, not because it was bad
      but because it was good.

    • We have also set a goal and pray to change the writing way of the letter “X”.

    • We must not exclude that Universal Devine has left the case open while editing.

    • Like hiding from “press” nor “carpenter” in the atmosphere.

    • PVP in the games are allowed but thou equal after changing all he’s pet-names into “Wlelve” to act of conflict where you can get wounded.

    • Electronics are aware of the costs of enlightening in their visions.

    • We see Present Universal Coach as the one who is fueling the universe with his stream. (Where Stream can be: Energy, Information or Location)

    • Our members are allowed to complete their partnership acts through
      digital form (video) where characters are personal and surrounding is created, not to exclude story and heroism. The act must be owned recording approved rough and by the both party’s.

    • Are you an artist or are you being called a artist? You must make an “scroll” with your secrets and sell (be purchasable) it to the crowd or your fans, until your career is certain.

    • Present Universal Coach uses us productive to reach he’s goal or fantasy gold.

    • We have set a goa and pray to change the calling of a special color in the English dictionary which is said wrong.

    • We pray that one day we will translate Sun’s wave into the content.

    • We see people who pay for their internet service’s already as a Legend.

              We have 6 commandments.
                           1. You shall have no other Mission Content before Myn. (Present Coach)
                           2. You shall not make religious idols. (Of Quest)
                           3. You shall not take the Quest’s Content in vain.
                           4. Define your own week days.
                           5. Your breath to your father and your mother.
                           6. Go in hand with rule of Law.



































Flour mayonnaise kielbasa.
Onion chips baked omlette.
Muchmellows soaken in sprite.
Superheroes vapeliquid setclap.
Basilicum with plumjam.

An Jellyfish was watching underwater horizon and was summoning whicle’s.

Mice was watching and living on the tree as an hunter. Summoning Iron Tubes.

Cat was summoning boxes, watching clouds.

Human was living on faivor, as an hand.

Lord of the Rings – Type F

Highlight the text for “Tonie” to play It.

  Shut down oil Wave. Pip-Boy. Sheep boards. Flamethrower
underwater.  Eat an Flag. Musculair arithmetic. Say “Shut Up”
                   to your flame. Catapult an bear. Stop holdin  that cookie.
                     Get an crab. Sent sight products to Dongen Wyzen.

Sandkat Submarine



Reingeons according to Electronics the religion:

In the begining of directions an chessplayer chalanged two productive guilds, and won an mice iron bow.

                   Plains flew under clouds dodging lents.
And they decided to call his paremt “beam” for favor.

Euope is called Eslam.
Asia is called Arestlifeolzempshiafarsh.
North America is called Nobbud Arjharbrew.
Balkans are called Babyborn.
South America is called Saltemad Agrekcofbolkania.
Middle East is called Miopenroofe and Icatacombrocleania.
We also have Ijumpmassiceasians and Mifontrampbrodia.

Portugal, Portuguese is the chosen “second language” for the west according to Electonics. Admin’s wrong English accent.


Bloom N’ Region.

Pi Ta Go Ras

Irop Ivrat.

Secret Machinist: Sandkat Submarine

Planet Brush

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